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The building was a foreman’s house built by the Canadian National Railway in 1942. The Village of Lytton bought it 50 years later. After renovations in the early ’90s the Museum officially opened on July 1, 1995.

The Museum is a Commission of the Village, and the Village maintains the grounds and building.

The Museum is operated by a group of dedicated volunteers during the year and usually with hired helpers in the summer season.

Our mandate is to collect, preserve, research, exhibit and interpret objects of cultural, artistic, and historical value to the Lytton area. But sometimes, an offered donation is just too good to pass up, such as a portable tank periscope from WW II, a ‘diamond’ from New York, a ‘ribbon’ clock. Why not visit and see what other oddities you can find.

During the 2014 summer open hours we had 951 visitors, from 29 countries.  See some of their comments here –

This year, 2015, we hosted 1220 visitors from 28 countries.

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E-mail: curator@lyttonmuseum.ca